Printing Help

The easiest way to print the graphics and the associated text on this site is to copy it all to a Google Doc.

Using Google Docs, create a new doc, or duplicate this Google Doc to begin.

in the Google Doc page setup (in the Google Docs File menu), increase the page margins to create a narrow page (e.g.: six centimeters L and R for flashcards). If you don't make your page narrow, the images will span the entire page. If you want smaller images, you have to do this step PRIOR to pasting.

Select (drag your mouse across) and copy everything you want to print.

Paste everything into the Google Doc.

Set the font size to something smaller.

Edit to fit your needs.

The process described above has been tested on a Mac using Safari.

If reproducing for non-commercial use (only), please give attribution to 

Bruce Warila